Meet Adriana Caselotti: The Voice of Snow White

Meet Adriana Caselotti: The Voice of Snow White
Have you ever wondered how much Walt Disney paid Adriana Caselotti for being the voice of Snow White?

On my page Meet Adriana Caselotti, we discuss how much Walt Disney paid her for her iconic voice and we discuss whether or not it was enough.

We discover that Ms. Caselotti was blacklisted by Walt Disney from participating in future productions when he tried to keep the image of Snow White from showing up on or in any other productions AND we learn that Ms. Caselotti did not have a lot of future success as a singer or an actress.

No one need tell us that the Snow White franchise has earned the Walt Disney company a fortune and continues to do so to this day.

In 2010, Disney reissued the movie on blu-ray disc and the the three-disc blu-ray Diamond edition received high marks, with calling it 'gorgeous.' went on in their review of this blu-ray set to praise the high quality of the video, the audio and the huge selection of special features.  Once again, Disney profits...

And what of Ms. Caselotti? Well, she is gone now but whether or not she was amptly rewarded for her role in Snow White is certainly something to think about.

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