New Charlie's Angels 2011 Television Series Info & Trailer

Undoubtedly, some are going to be much more interested in the new Charlie's Angels series of 2011 than I. I expect this series is going to appeal to my husband who was a huge Farrah Fawcett fan and to my sons who love anything action packed...

The new series is to appear on ABC. They 'ordered' Charlie's Angels to begin on May 13, 2011.

The plot looks much the same -- three young and attractive female private investigators in Miami taking directions from a boss named Charlie who we never actually meet who is assisted by Charlie's loyal man, John Bosley.

The Angels this time include a Park Avenue princess turned thief named Abby who is played by Rachael Taylor, a police detective turned dirty cop named Kate Prince who is played by Annie Ilonzeh and a former street racer named Eve who is played by Minka Kelly.

Charlie Townsend is voiced by Robert Wagner and Ramon Rodriguez is played by John Bosley.

Interested in reading more? You can find the official Charlie's Angels website right here and for all the latest updates, you can join the new Charlie's Angels Facebook page here.

Meanwhile, you can watch the new Charlie's Angels 2011 trailer right here.

Be sure to let us know what you think. Were you a fan of the first Charlie's Angels series? The movies? Does this television show appeal to you?

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Unknown said...

I didn't know there was a new Charlie's Angels series. Interesting! Maybe the success of the new Hawaii 5-0 contributed to the decision to reprise this series. I never watched the old one, but I might give the new one a try. It looks fun!

Anna Collins said...

I don't even want to pass some critical remarks at costume designers for the undefined style of the Charlie’s Angels Costumes. Even the Kristen Stewart Red And White Jacket Connor Kenway Assassins Creed Jacket is having the same colors and that long tail looks way outdated.


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