Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Coffee Mug

Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Coffee Mug

Pretty amazed about the Doctor Who disappearing Tardis mug, we are. Although I must start by admitting that I do not know very much about Doctor Who. There is, however, one member of my household who regularly spouts random Doctor Who references and quotes and then rolls his eyes because the rest of us don't get the point. He's my 17-year old son and I know he would love this mug. It would be a phenomenal gift idea for anyone who loves Dr. Who -- from a teenage boy like my son right through to the ah, slightly older gentleman who has been a Doctor Who fan for (dare I say it) decades.

Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Coffee Mug

To order one for your son, boyfriend or husband you can find it on Amazon by clicking right here And for the female population that loves Doctor Who, please accept my apologies for this one-sided post and go ahead and order the mug for yourself.

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