The Hunger Games Movie Release Date

The Hunger Games Movie Release Date
I finally read the book and I, like fans of the book am now anxious to see the movie but the wait is going to be a long one...I just read the official release date of The Hunger Games movie is November 22, 2013. Oops, make that March 23, 2012 -- apparently, the November date is for the next movie, Catching Fire.

That's a year LONGER than I read previously.  How are we EVER going to manage to wait that long?  Any ideas, besides re-reading the book, that is? Fans are going to be desparately consuming every bit of information that is released about the new movie. Hope that won't ruin the movie in the end.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry. the release date is still March 23, 2012. the November 22, 2013 release date is for the sequel" Catching Fire"

In case you hadn't heard, the MTV VMAs will have the "first look" footage debut this upcoming Sunday! So excited!!

Treasures By Brenda said...

Thanks for straightening that out for us!


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