An Elf's Story Review: The Elf on the Shelf DVD & Gift Set

Usually I manage to miss new shows on television. However, thanks to a review in the New York Times about the new Christmas television shows for 2012, I actually knew about and remembered to watch An Elf's Story, the new Elf on the Shelf television program.

Long ago, a friend named Joan introduced me to the Elf on the Shelf via her page The Elf on the Shelf, A Family Tradition and what a beautiful tradition it is.

And the new television show, entitled An Elf's Story was sweet, telling as it did of one little boy's loss of faith in Christmas and how one little Elf on the Shelf named Chippey was able to help the boy renew his faith.

Here is a peek at the show through the official An Elf's Story trailer:

There were a few problems with watching An Elf's Story on television and the first you all know and, if you are like me, dread. That is the commercials. Aghh, just get on with the story, I thought.

The second was ABC's insistence at having their television logo in the bottom righthand corner of the screen throughout the ENTIRE show.  It managed to detract from the lovely winter scenes.

Finally, ABC insisted on reminding us a couple of times during the show that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer would be airing on Tuesday night.  Granted, I could use the reminder but what they really reminded me was that it is better to have the DVD than to endure watching Rudolph (or An Elf's Story) on network television...

And yes, you can buy your copy of An Elf's Story on DVD from Amazon. If you are considering giving An Elf's Story as a gift, you might rather choose the Elf's Story gift set, which includes an Elf for your shelf but not a copy of the book, as displayed below. The gift set is available here on Amazon.

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