Jessica Tandy's The Christmas Story Lady Movie Review

Jessica Tandy's The Christmas Story Lady Movie Review

If there is nothing you love better than cuddling up with a good book and your children, you are bound to love this Christmas movie, The Christmas Story Lady.

The story is that of a Grandmother who has to give up her own home and move in with her daughter. Needing a purpose in life, she approaches many local institutions in search of a volunteer job.

She eventually stumbles across a public television studio that will allow her to tape her own television show and so she creates 'The Christmas Story Lady' on which she shares her favorite children's stories.  When her show catches the eye of a television executive, it no longer is a simple little show produced by a sweet lady and, of course, it grows out of control.

I enjoyed this family friendly film, which stars Jessica Tandy, Ed Begley Jr., and Stephanie Zimbalist. It was a made-for-television movie in 1991 and it is a wholesome movie, like the Anne of Green Gables series, and one I can wholeheartedly recommend for the entire family.

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adamskostum said...

Thanks for such a lovely review of "The Christmas Story Lady," which is 25 years old next month. I wrote the script! Best regards, Bob Zeschin

Treasures By Brenda said...

Thanks for the kind comment and for writing the script!


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