Four Christmases Movie Review

I pulled Four Christmases down from the shelf when I was looking for a Christmas-themed movie for my 19 year old son to watch with me.  He really was not keen on a Christmas movie so it had to be something funny and Four Christmases it was.

Four Christmases is a humorous Christmas movie from 2008 that stars Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.  It tells the story of a young couple that is forced to stay home from a tropical vacation and visit their parents, all four sets of them.

It was funny and I loved the cameo appearances by many well known older actors like Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek Jon Voight and Mary Steenburgen. The critics were not kind to Four Christmases but I enjoyed the film and I laughed outloud.  Sometimes a little laughter is a good thing.

Be warned that, as is obvious in the official movie trailer, this is NOT a family Christmas movie. It has enough sexual references and crude language to make many people (myself included) uncomfortable. The opening sexual scene had me wondering what I had gotten into in selecting this movie. I checked the box and saw that it is rated PG-13. (I thought it might have been rated R.)

In the end, I enjoyed Four Christmases and I would recommend it to people who want a light comedic movie with the caution about the content making it inappropriate for viewing with young people.  Next time, I think I will look for a Christmas comedy aimed at families.

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