Lovely, Still (2010) Movie Review

Two well-respected actors that you will probably recognize, Martin Landau (82) and Ellen Burstyn (77), appear in the movie Lovely, Still. It's the first feature film of 23-year-old named Nik Fackler and it's extremely well done.

Lovely, Still is a love story, an usual love story for sure. It shares the romance between two individuals late in life and it takes you on a romantic journey like none you have never experienced before.

Critics call Lovely, Still an impressive debut by Fackler and the L.A. Times says that he is "sensitively attuned to his actors and deeply committed to examining the dilemmas inherent in aging." If this movie is a representation of that commitment, then I agree.

Lovely, Still is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone looking for a sweet, romantic film. It has a wonderful magical, fairytale quality, although this movie is not all rosy. It is masterfully done though and not quite exactly what it appears to be. You will be thinking about it for days...

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