License Plate Man Cave Artwork

This is the first in what I hope will become a series of posts dedicated to the man cave.  No doubt, you all know what a man cave is. It’s that mantuary or male sanctuary that your man has created as a retreat, which is often located in a basement, garage or spare room.

Our man cave is still a work in progress mostly because it is in our basement, which is also home to my eBay store. I have no doubt, however, that my husband would appreciate this image in his man cave if he were able to finish the room the way he would like.  We, or maybe it should be I, have chosen to decorate much of our home in yellows and blues and he recently let it be known that he likes red, too, making this image the perfect compromise, don't you think?

Art Doesn’t Have To Match The Couch was created by Greg Constantine. It is a more readily available image fashioned after a series that Constantine organized, which consisted of art pieces that represented countries or states with each license plate created by an artist from that location.

The images created for that display were the ultimate in personalized vanity license plates. This work, however, is affordable and interesting and we think very appropriate for the modern day man cave where art definitely doesn’t have to match the decor but should be fun and spirited.

The license plates used to create this image were made intentionally by Constantine, after choosing colors, shapes and origins. He’s taken Poetic License with this creation and we like the result. Red for Canada anyone?

It is a quality reproduction, printed on paper similar to that of a postcard using a digital or offset lithography press.

You can find Greg Constantine’s Art Doesn’t Have To Match The Couch print on Amazon by clicking here.

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Mandee said...

Oh my gosh! If my husband saw this, he'd have it in a minute for his man cave -- also in the basement. Very unique!

Sylvestermouse said...

What a great sign! I love the combination of license plates to make a statement. Perfect for the Man Cave in any home!

Treasures By Brenda said...

I love it, too, Mandee!

Wednesday Elf said...

Very clever. We moved a LOT over the years (living in 9 different states) and used to have all our 'old' license plates hung on the garage wall!

Treasures By Brenda said...

That's clever, too, Pat!


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