Disney Planes Movie (2013) Trailers & Originality

We discovered the upcoming Disney movie Planes this week and, while I am not the biggest Cars fan, I think that the movie Planes looks pretty exciting.  Cars was a pretty big hit with young children and I can see them thoroughly enjoying the excitement as Planes literally takes them to new heights and, of course, I can imagine some pretty cool Planes toys for little boys, too.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of chatter online about Planes being a spin-off of the Disney-Pixar Cars movie franchise.  Personally, I don't really care as long as the movie turns out to be good in its own standing.

Take a peek for yourself at the two official Disney Planes trailers and I think you will agree the animated movie looks pretty exciting:



And then check out the trailer from Beyond the Trailer that discusses the question of originality and whether or not Disney's Planes movie is not just a spin-off but also a rip-off:


What do you think? Is it a spin-off or a rip-off or both? Does it even matter?

Will you be adding Disney's Planes to your must-see list?

See you
at the movies!

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