Disney Planes Movie (2013) Trailers & Originality

Looking much like Cars, Disney's animated movie Planes was another action-filled, family friendly movie.

Meet Dusty, a plane who wants to be an air racer but who is afraid of heights. With the assistance of an experienced aviator, El Chupacabra, watch as Dusty gathers his courage to really reach the heights.

Disney's Planes arrived at the movie theater on August 9, 2013 and was released on blu-ray disc and DVD on November 19, 2013. On this page, learn a bit more about the movie and about the discussion of  whether or not it is a spin off or a rip off of Disney's Cars.

We discovered the upcoming Disney movie Planes late since our boys were grown up and gone when it was released. We eventually picked it up because Cars was a pretty big hit and possibly more importantly because my husband was an aviator and likely to enjoy the excitement as Planes literally "takes viewers to new heights", LOL. It did and we fully enjoyed this animated movie.

Take a peek for yourself at the two official Disney Planes trailers and I think you will agree if you do not already know that the animated movie looks pretty exciting:

Disney Planes: Cars Spin-off or Rip-off? 

There was chatter online about Planes being a spin-off of the Disney-Pixar Cars movie franchise. Personally, I don't really care as long as the movie is good and, in my opinion, it was.  Check out for yourself this video from Beyond the Trailer that discusses the question of originality and whether or not Disney's Planes movie is not just a spin-off but also a rip-off:


Disney Pixar's first Cars movie was at the time the only Pixar film not to win an Oscar for Best Feature and Cars 2 was not even nominated for an Oscar. Despite those facts, Disney expanded the franchise because, as we all know and this video discussion from Beyond the Trailer pointed out, little kids love Cars.  Cars was very successful at the box office so we were offered another exciting ride with Planes.  What do you think? Was Disney's Planes a Cars movie spin off or a rip off? Does it even matter?


If you are wondering who voiced a character in the movie, here is the Planes cast list:

Dusty voiced by Dane Cook
Skipper Riley voiced by Stacy Keach
Chug voiced by Brad Garrett
Dottie voiced by Teri Hatcher
Leadbottom voiced by Cedric the Entertainer
Bravo and Echo voiced by Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer
Ripslinger voiced by Roger Craig Smith
Ned and Zed voiced by Gabriel Iglesias
Rochelle voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus
El Chupacabra voiced by Carlos Alazraqui
Ishani voiced by Priyanka Chopra
Bulldog voiced by John Cleese
Roper voiced by Sinbad
Colin Cowling voiced by Colin Cowherd
Mustangburger voiced by Brent Musburger

Will you be adding Disney's Planes to your must-see list? If you loved the movie or do not own it yet, you can order your copy on Blu-ray, DVD or Prime Video from Amazon by clicking right here.

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