New Hunger Games Catching Fire Videos

Fans eagerly await November 22, 2013, when the second movie in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, will be released.

Meanwhile, there is a lot for us to feast our eyes on in the media and I thought I would gather a few of the great new videos that are available here on this page for you.

There are television commercials for the movie, shorter than the trailers that we have seen previously as well as television advertisements for the restaurant Subway. There is even a video about how they used Imax for the movie Catching Fire. None of the videos are long and fans will enjoy every single one of them and likely even forgive the tiny bit of overlap between them.

First, then are the two television advertisements that are being shown in advance of the release of the movie:

Next, there is the very exciting Subway advertising campaign. I think they nailed it with this Catching Fire promotion, which has me wanting to go to Subway to eat the Subway Sriracha Chicken sub as advertised in these commercials, even though I had to look up Sriracha  sauce to find out what it was. (Wikipedia tells me that Sriracha sauce is a paste of chili peppersdistilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt.) I wouldn't mind winning the trip to Hawaii contest that is part of Subway's advertising campaign, either...

Finally, there is the IMAX trailer, which includes footage from the movie and live snippets with the cast, about how they incorporated used Imax.


How excited are you about the opening of Catching Fire? Are you counting the days? Have you or are you re-reading the books?

May the Odds
Be Ever In Your Favour!

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