Hallmark Hall of Fame's Christmas in Conway

Hallmark Hall of Fame's Christmas in Conway Movie

Christmas in Conway is the 250th Hallmark Hall of Fame movie presentation as well as this year's Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie. As you might or might not know, Hallmark reserves the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies for a channel other than the Hallmark Channel, which is reason for celebration amongst those of us who do not receive the Hallmark Channel.

This year's movie is the story of a husband who is determined to provide his seriously ill wife with a special Christmas treat in the form of a Ferris wheel in the backyard. That news is greeted with mixed feelings by the neighbours and negatively by one in particular who wants to win the Christmas house decorating contest.

You can check out the movie for yourself in this short Youtube video:


What would you think if your neighbour wanted to erect a Ferris wheel in his or her back yard? Would you be happy or dismayed? And, more importantly, will you be tuning in on December 1st to watch Hallmark Hall of Fame's Christmas movie presentation, Christmas in Conway? Find your copy on Amazon by clicking right here.

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