Nissan Rouge 2014 Snowman Commercial - Winter Warrior

As a resident of Ottawa, Canada, where we regularly battle old-man winter, I had a chuckle out of this movie-themed commercial for the Nissan Rogue.

It's an action "movie" of sorts, with a bunch of snowmen terrorizing a city, turning the down-town into a wasteland and stopping all vehicular transportation, including the mighty OC Transpo bus. (Okay, it is not actually an OC Transpo bus.)

Of course, since this is a Nissan commercial, it is only the Nissan Rogue that manages to escape from this horrible menace and take a full passenger load to safety.

Here's the video. I hope it gives you a smile, too:

Hope you are staying
safe and warm
this winter!


Unknown said...

The Rogue likely will be our next vehicle. While we rarely have enough snow to make a snowman, I'm still relieved to know that the Rogue survived. Just in case it happens here!

Movie Treasures By Brenda said...

Now we know we will be safe from snowmen attack, Susan.