Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament Shirt

Harry Potter's Triwizard Tournament Shirt

What Harry Potter fan doesn't recognize the importance of this Triwizard Tournament shirt?

It represents the Quidditch team jersey worn in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by the Hogwarts' House Gryffindor team .

If you want to feel like you are Harry Potter or one of his team mates about to compete in the Triwizard cup, you might want to add this one to your collection.

I went looking for a good picture of Harry and his teammates at the Triwizard Cup. I found some great images of the Quidditch team but I could not find one that gives you a really good image of the shirt. However,  I know you'll enjoy seeing the Gryffindor team in these images anyway! 

Harry Potter Playing Quidditch in the Triwizard Tournament

Harry Potter Playing Quidditch in the Triwizard Tournament

Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament

Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament

Danielle Radcliffe as Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament outfit.

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Anyway, back to the Triwizard Cup shirt. We don't actually own it though we would like to. We have found it available on eBay here. We have, however, read that it runs big so if you choose to buy it, you might want to consider that fact and order a size smaller than normal or, at the very least make sure that the seller entertains the possibility of an exchange. Buying from an eBay seller who gives the measurements would also be a great idea.

See you
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