Disney's Limited Edition Frozen Dress

Disney's Limited Edition Frozen Dress
If you are interested in the movies at all, you are likely aware of the Disney movie Frozen. What you might not be aware of is just how successful Disney's Frozen has been or that it has caused a movie merchandise frenzy.

I enjoyed this video from Bloomberg.com, which takes a brief look at the furore surrounding the movie. I think Bloomberg's summation that Disney may have known they had a hit on their hands but they might not have anticipated just how big a hit it was going to be...or that it was going to cause such a merchandise frenzy. I found it interesting to learn that Disney licenses the rights to much of its merchandise, which takes some of the risk away from their profit line if they produce a film that is less than successful.

Take a look for yourself:


You can find the Anna dress shown here on Amazon by clicking here. If you don't see it there, you might have more luck here on eBay.

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