Name A Movie You Have Seen More Than Three Times

In the interests of an almost wordless post, we ask you to name a movie you have seen more than three times...

I can only think of one that I know I have definitely seen more than three times and that is the Wizard of Oz. Okay, maybe I can add Grease and It's A Wonderful Life.

There are always so many new movies to watch that I cannot make myself rewatch one that I have already seen! You?

See you
at the movies
(again and again and again...)


Unknown said...

Besides The Wizard of Oz (which we watched every year when I was a kid) and The Sound of Music (which my kids enjoyed and we watched several times), the movie I've watched more than three times is my favorite "feel good" movie, You've Got Mail. And yes, I have most of the dialogue memorized. Now when I watch it, I love to look for some new little detail that I've missed in the past.

Treasures By Brenda said...

Oh, Susan - I've seen You've Got Mail a few times, too. Thanks for the reminder.


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