Weird Al's Foil: A Parody of Royals by Lorde

Not sure exactly WHY but I have always enjoyed Weird Al's parodies and, since I really enjoy the song Royals by Lorde, I clicked on Weird Al's Foil with interest.

Turns out that Foil is a fun video, with a twist in the middle and at least one moment that is mildly offensive.

Watch Foil for yourself here:

Foil is part of an album that Weird Al is releasing this week called Mandatory Fun. You can check Mandatory Fun out here, on Amazon.

So what did you think of Foil? The twist is ah, interesting but I do not think the song would have been very popular or noteworthy if it really was just about leftovers and tinfoil...

Treasures By Brenda

Learn more about Weird Al's Mandatory Fun on Amazon by clicking here.

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