Harry Potter Christmas Stocking

Discover a handsome, velvet Harry Potter Christmas stocking.
Every true Harry Potter geek should own one of these Christmas stockings to hang on the mantle at Christmas time.

This Christmas stocking is a velvet one that was originally sold by Warner Brothers. It is a classic red stocking with braided gold trim. It features a moon and stars, a purple wizarding hat, a hanging loop and tassels.

It seems that this stocking is fairly limited in supply. As I write this, you cannot find it on Amazon but you can look to see if it is available today by clicking here to Amazon but not on eBay though I could find this velvet Harry Potter Christmas stockings on eBay here. If you want a Harry Potter Christmas stocking but not necessarily this one, try eBay here.

Would you like to own a Harry Potter themed Christmas stocking?

Merry Christmas!

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