The Iron Man 2 Soundtrack Is NOT A Soundtrack

What Do You Think? Is The Iron Man 2 Soundtrack A Soundtrack or Not?

First, let me fill you in on my understanding of the situation and feel free to correct me if I have any of this wrong. The simple facts, as I understand them are that:

AC/DC collaborated with Marvel Stuidos and Columbia Records to create the Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

The Iron Man 2 soundtrack contains TWO songs that are heard on the movie and a raft of other songs by AC/DC. Actually, one song appears during the movie and one during the credits.

The soundtrack also contains formerly released hit songs and songs that are not as well known. There are no new songs.

So I cannot help but wonder...should it really count as a soundtrack or is it a sell out on behalf of AC/DC? A money grab? A marketing ploy?

What do you think? Is the Iron Man 2 soundtrack really a soundtrack or not?

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