Max Movie Review: A Solid Dog-Themed Family Movie (2015)

Max Movie Review: A Solid Dog-Themed Family Movie (2015)
My husband takes credit for bringing home this very good dog movie. It's an intense adventure with the lead role going to Max - Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

I watched this movie without knowing a single thing about it, which made it pretty wrenching and I find it is impossible to review it without giving away critical details that are actually spoilers.  If that concerns you, turn back now, before it is too late. If you would rather know what you are in for, read on.


Max is the story of a military dog and his family. It takes you to Afghanistan where you witness some of the conflict going on there. When things go wrong there for his unit and his handler, the dog is returned to Texas where the only person he is able to relate to is his handler's unwilling teenage brother Justin.

You can get a feel for the movie by watching the official movie trailer here:

Max stars Josh Wiggins, Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church, Robbie Amell and Joseph Julian Soria. I spent considerable minutes trying to figure out where I knew Lauren Graham from and my husband filled in the blanks, she is from the Gilmore Girls. 

What to Watch Out For?

Max is rated PG - Parental Guidance. It is an intense movie with lots of peril and action though obviously not in the way a major action movie rated PG-14 or more might be. Having said that, it does have violence including wartime events, characters killed and dogfights and it is sad.

Indeed, it has some very sad moments as well as very happy moments and remember, a dog is involved. Some dog lovers find it impossible to watch a dog movie in which a dog might be harmed. If you want to know what happens to Max in this movie, leave me a comment and I will send you a private message rather than give away the story here. Either way, you are going to need a big box of tissue on hand for there will be lots of tears shed on screen and off.  The Movie Mom recommends this movie for fourth graders and up, which sounds reasonable to me. 


YES! The critics did not seem to like Max but the audiences did. Max is an old style family movie but some found the plot a bit disjointed. In any case, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Max is a solid dog movie with a look at the life of a working dog. It has action, adventure and loss as well as a bit of romance and comedy. 

I think that Max would be a great gift for anyone who loves dogs. You can buy or rent Max from Amazon by clicking right here.  If you buy it, be sure to watch the special features to understand some of the process that goes into making a movie that stars a dog.

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