A Few Disney Gift Ideas for You

On this page, discover a few interesting Disney gift ideas for your Disney collector!

Over the years the Walt Disney company has created an endless variety of merchandise. Some of that merchandise was meant to be collected and displayed but there was also a lot of merchandise that was meant to be used every day like coffee mugs, board games, bedding and clothing. Therefore, finding those pieces in good condition can be challenging since they were often used and then discarded.

Whether you are shopping for new Disney merchandise or for used and vintage pieces, you will find some interesting items in my eBay store. I have chosen to highlight three great gift ideas that I have had the privilege of selling in the past: a trinket box, a limited edition snowglobe and a Disney-version of the popular vintage game, Mastermind. Read on to learn more about those items and to find other interesting gift ideas. Follow this link to see all of the Disney treasures I currently have in my eBay store.

Disney Shopping Hint #1

In 1929, the Walt Disney Company adopted the name Walt Disney Productions, which it used until 1986. Therefore, when you are shopping for vintage Disney memorabilia, an older piece will read "Walt Disney Productions" and will not be made in China.

Walt Disney Productions Character Mastermind Game

A vintage game for you and your children: Walt Disney Productions Character Mastermind!

This is the Disney version of the original Mastermind game, which is called Walt Disney Character Mastermind. Recommended for ages 4 through 10, this vintage 1979 game challenges you to "Help Mickey and his friends escape from the magic castle in the sky." It is a simple game of cunning and logic. If you loved the original Master Mind and you are a Disney fan, you might want to own Walt Disney's version of this popular game. Find Disney's Mastermind here on eBay.

Walt Disney Productions Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse Trinket Box

This is a highly unusual Disney trinket box featuring Mickey Mouse as the Brave Little Tailor.

This Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse musical trinket box is a highly unusual item from Walt Disney Productions. It is as cute as can be but is very hard to find on eBay.  However, I found a few other musical trinket boxes on eBay, which you can see by clicking right here.

Disney Limited Edition Snow Globes

A fabulous gift idea would be one of Disney's Limited Edition snow globes!

Of course, ever since Disney switched away from using the name Walt Disney Productions there has been a host of new collectibles and toys produced. The limited edition snow globe shown here is but one example. Called the Disney Musical Birthday Water Globe, it was a joint production by Disney and Hallmark to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney. You can see all of the limited edition Disney snow globes on eBay by clicking right here.

Disney Shopping Hint #2

It is simple and it is obvious once you think about it. Buy your Disney souvenirs before or even after your visit to Disney. This is an option that more and more people are taking. A good friend buys matching Disney t-shirts for her three girls before they go on vacation.  The girls love wearing their new shirts on their vacation and the parents save some money at the same time. An added bonus? The girls are easier to spot in a crowd if they are all wearing matching t-shirts.

In my eBay store I sell new, used and vintage Disney items.  I have highlighted a few of my favorite finds here on this page but you can see all of the items, new, used and vintage, that I have in my eBay store by clicking right here

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The Best Frozen Gift Ideas

Disney's Jumbo Stitch Plush Toy

Definitely a hard-to-find version of Stitch, this plush toy from Disney's movie Lilo and Stitch is adorable!

Disney’s character Stitch in the movie Lilo and Stitch is that of the main protagonist. He is chaotic and especially well known for his mischievous behaviour.

Stitch is the result of an experiment gone wrong and therefore is also called Experiment 626. Describing him physically is difficult. I have seen him called a blue dog and a koala style creature and I cannot do any better than that.

Despite some of his difficult character traits, Stitch is beloved by the other main character, the little girl named Lilo. He is beloved by the movie going public, too.

It is natural then that Disney released a mountain of merchandise for the movie and one of the neatest items that I have had the opportunity to come across is the jumbo plush Stitch toy from the Disney Store, as shown here driving my mid-sized SUV.  Yes, this stuffed animal version of Stitch really is big. He measures about 40 inches in height and he is very nicely made. When the Disney Store does something well, they do it really well and this version of Stitch definitely fits that category and was a worthy souvenir of the film.

Unfortunately, because of his size he was expensive even initially and therefore, fewer of this plush Stich were made. That means that he is hard to find now on the resale market and, if you do find him, he is going to be expensive and could sell for hundreds of dollars.

The Stitch shown in the picture above is the one that I owned. Unfortunately, he is gone as I sold him in my eBay store in 2013. Click here to see the larger Stitch plush toys that are available right now on eBay. The results are not likely to show the jumbo one as words like jumbo, huge and large are subjective and because the jumbo version is so rare. If you are shopping, whether for the jumbo version or something slightly smaller, do so carefully. Be sure to read the seller’s listing closely and ask questions especially about size if you are after a large plush toy.

I also checked Amazon today and see that there are sellers on that platform with numerous versions of the Stitch toy available but no 40-inch jumbo versions. If you like to shop on Amazon, you can take a peek for yourself now at Amazon's plush Stitch toys just in case one might be available today.

Do you love Lilo and Stitch, too?  Are you searching for a plush version of Stitch?

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Author's Note: This page originally posted elsewhere in 2008. 

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Official Movie Trailer

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Official Movie Trailer
It is simple and it is woefully short, but here is a peek into Disney's upcoming live version of the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The names being associated with the movie are iconic and exciting and include the likes of Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Stanley Tucci, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen and Kevin Kline.

This movie has a lot to live up to including the original Disney film and the new expectations that Disney is going to be building higher and higher over the next ten months or so.

The release date? We have to wait until March 17, 2017 to see this new version of a beloved classic Disney film!

Meanwhile, try to console yourself with this oh-to-short peek into the movie via the official teaser trailer video...


And watch as Grace from Beyond the Trailer shares her initial reaction and thoughts about the teaser trailer...

What do you think? Are you a Disney fan? Love Beauty and the Beast? Are you excited?  I am because I think that the trailer is amazingly beautiful and I know that if anyone can bring the world of Beauty and the Beast to life on the big screen, it is Disney.

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NEW MOVIE RELEASE: The Finest Hours on Blu-ray & DVD

Disney's The Finest Hours: The Impossible Rescue comes to blu-ray disc and DVD on May 24, 2016. Watch the official movie trailer here, learn about the book by Michael J. Togias and Casey Sherman here and finally, order your copy of the movie from Amazon by clicking here.

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Custom Framed Rustic Harry Potter Professor Dumbledore Quote

Harry Potter fans will fondly remember this quotation from Professor Albus Dumbledore. "It is our choices, Harry that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities." I can even hear Professor Dumbledore's voice as he says this in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. You?

Fans will therefore appreciate this simple, rustic framed presentation of the quote from WilliamRaeDesigns on Etsy. It's a great gift idea for a Harry Potter fan or a child's room. I can even picture it in the classroom.

Generously sized at 12 inches by 24 inches, each piece is hand painted so no two will ever be totally identical. If you are interested, you can find it here on Etsy.

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