Nifty Fantastic Beasts Niffler Gift Ideas

Nifty Fantastic Beasts Niffler Gift Ideas
I have not written my review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet but believe me I was more than impressed. I was totally impressed. I came home and went looking for a Niffler and discovered a few wonderful Nifflers that are available online on Etsy.

The Niffler, for those not in the know, is a British creature that burrows and seeks out anything glittery.  He is known for being affectionate and gentle BUT he can be destructive as he cannot keep his little paws off of anything that glitters. It is definitely NOT recommended that you keep a niffler in the house.

Anyway, the first of my four fabulous Fantastic Beasts niffler gift ideas, is this adorable collector's art doll or plush animal by A Dragon's Chest on Etsy.  If you really wanted to pick up Newt Scamander's Niffler and pet him or scratch under his chin, here is your chance to do so. Note that this piece is handmade as a piece of art and not meant for the play of a child. You can find this niffler in A Dragon's Chest shop on Etsy by clicking here.

My second find was a digital painting from Hilarious Delusions on Etsy. I love the image done to look like a vintage informational print or maybe even like a page from a scientific book. The artist also has pictures with Newt Scamander and Queenie Goldstein. You can find all three images here on Etsy.

Then I found a cute pin, which is shown below. The pin is a simple way to display your fascination of and love for the niffler species. To celebrate the five Fantastic Beasts movies that are being created, Hannah Hitchman crafted a series of pins so that you can create your own menagerie of magical beasts. She drew the Niffler herself and is having the pins produced with gold-colored metal with a rubber fastener and a special coating to make a shiny finish and protect the pin. You can find the Niffler as well as the other Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them pins here in Hannah's store on Etsy.

Finally, there's a fabulous tote bag with which to carry all of your Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Niffler stuff around. The totebag can be found at Shiiit Cake Clothing on Etsy and the image is also available on a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.

Niffler collector's art doll plush animalNiffler Scientific Page Art Print
Fantastic Beasts Niffler Pin
Fantastic Beasts Niffler Tote Bag
You will find any of these Nifflers directly on the links and/or pictures shown above. Is there a niffler in your future?

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