Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies (Nell Minow)

Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies (Nell Minow)
Before I start, a word of warning. This is an old book. At least it is old as it relates to movies. The second edition was released in 2004 so there is more than a decade worth of movies that are not discussed in the book. However, I still think the book has merit for parents who want to read about movies dating up to that point in time and whether or not they are suitable for family viewing.

As our children were growing up, we regularly referred to the Movie Mom's reviews. We appreciated her rating of the movie in terms of quality and in terms of age appropriateness.

Although our children are grown and gone now, I still occasionally turn to her reviews to find out what she thinks of a specific movie.   I like knowing what to expect from a movie before I go to see it, particularly with respect to violent and sexual content.

I can still recommend Nell Minow's book for the reason I mentioned above. It contains reviews and information on older family-friendly movies.

More Resources:

The Best Old Movies for Families: A Guide to Watching Together (2007)

If you have young children, you will enjoy this movie resource. It's easy to read and helps you share old movies and the classics with your children.

What Kids Really Want to Ask: Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations (2007)

This book approached 1,100 middle-school aged children and asked them if they could ask their parents a question and receive an honest hour, what would they ask. The book addresses the answers by picking a classic movie for each question.

What resources do you use when choosing movies for your children?

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Author's Note: Originally written elsewhere in 2009.

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