The Cheaters (1945) Christmas Movie

The Cheaters (1945) Christmas Movie


"Delightful derelict! He's a Rogue...A King...Devil...Pauper...A Millionaire...WHO?" 

For the longest while, The Cheaters was a hard movie to find even on VHS videotape. To the relief of many, it was eventually released on DVD. However, I was not paying attention and it appears that even the DVD is hard to find now. I missed my opportunity. Did you?

The Cheaters is a 1945 movie directed by Joseph Kane that stars Joseph Schildkraut, Billie Burke and Eugene Pallette.

The story line is that of a rich family getting ready for Christmas and their decision to help a starving actor by feeding and sheltering him for the holidays. Wikipedia calls it a screwball comedy and the story line would indicate that it could be exactly that.

Leonard Maltin once said that this film features an "Excellent cast in an enjoyable tale of a wealthy family of snobs humanized by the downtrodden actor they invite for Christmas dinner."

Some consider it  a beloved Christmas film. Apparently, before A Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas and a Christmas Story, this film was one that was shown regularly during the holidays.

The reading I have done indicates that it is probably a dark Christmas movie.  One of the lucky to snatch up a DVD copy and watch it in the last decade called it one of the "finest holiday films he's ever seen." That's a pretty strong recommendation, which makes me want to see this film even more.

If you are searching for a copy of this movie on DVD or VHS, you can try the Amazon listings here and you can try eBay here. Good luck with your search and be sure to report back and let us know if and when this movie becomes widely available.

Have you seen The Cheaters? Is it a movie you have been wanting to see or is this the first time you have heard of it?

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