Tonka Tough Truck Adventures Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to create movies and shows based on toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the fifth in a series, let's celebrate Tonka Tough Truck Adventures: The Biggest Show on Wheels!

Hard work. Heroics. Humor. Horsepower. Home cookin'. Combined to "drive" Tonka Tough Truck Adventures. Any construction truck loving boy or girl will enjoy watching Joe, a mechanic, and the other characters as they find adventure in a revved up world.

This show features unique vehicle characters as the heroes of the CGI-animated film. Join Joe, the master mechanic, along with the 12-ton, 4-wheel drive action heroes: Axle, Rally, Gator, Bolt, Fins, Slice, Cutter, Trapper, Dunes and Crusher in the small town of Biggsburg as they encounter big adventures in their super charged world.

To create a fun gift set, simply put together a copy of the DVD with one of the 4-wheel drive action heroes!

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