Looking For The Chocolat Blu-ray Movie?

Yesterday, when I was doing my post about the best food movies, I fell in love with Johnny Depp all over again. When my friend said, "Now let's talk Chocolat...I swoon and my knees get weak. I could watch that movie a million times and still have the same reaction," she made me want to watch it again sooner rather than later.

My mind's eye tells me that Chocolat is perfect for blu-ray with the beautiful scenery, the decadent chocolate, the fantastic cast and the wonderful soundtrack but alas when I went looking for more information about Chocolat on blu-ray what I find was...uncertainty.

It seems, if I have it figured out correctly, that Chocolat has been released on blu-ray in Canada. Hey, I'm okay with that, I'm Canadian and I don't really care where my movies come from anyway. But the uncertainty comes from the implications that it might possibly one day be reissued for the U.S. market. There is no real information about that imaginary release available. Will it be different? Will it contain more features? Will it even happen? I certainly do not know the answers to those questions.

Meanwhile, if we want to see Chocolat on blu-ray, I guess we are simply going to have to choose the Canadian blu-ray disc. If you are an American, that means your blu-ray disc is an import but that is really of little consequence since it is available through Amazon.com by clicking right here.

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Unknown said...

I really must add this to my Netflix list. We're really not big movie watchers, Brenda, but your reviews certainly are helpful and very convincing!