Join Pieces of April for Thanksgiving Dinner

Join Pieces of April for Thanksgiving Dinner

It wasn't intentional. I had no idea when I sat down to watch that Pieces of April was a Thanksgiving film. It also turned out to be a somewhat unconventional and gritty movie but, by the end, I was attached to April and feeling for her.

The Recipe:

A dysfunctional family.
A young woman estranged from her family.
A mom who is ill and dying from cancer.
An invitation for Thanksgiving dinner.

Watch as April and her partner go through the steps of preparing a 'traditional' Thanksgiving dinner, probably the first one they have ever made. Moan when you realize that the oven does not work.

A love story on a couple of levels with plenty of sad and happy parts. The sad parts will leave you disbelieving and the happy parts, crying.

A good film, okay I think at anytime of the year but it would be particularly great for the Thanksgiving season. Unfortunately though, because of a sex scene, this movie is rated PG-13 and is not suitable for your children.

Buy your copy of Pieces of April here from Amazon where it is available on Prime Video or DVD.

Happy Thanksgiving, a season or two early.

See you
at the movies,

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Joan Adams said...

Pieces of April sounds like a movie I would enjoy -- and I don't watch many at all! Adding this one to my list!


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