Alice TV Mini Series (2009) Movie Review

Was the Alice TV mini series that aired in December, 2009, weird enough for you? It certainly was a unique two-part movie that appealed to a fair number of people. A modern version of Alice's world. (Check out the number of five-star reviews from Amazon's customers.)

I watched it and would concur that it was unusual, as Wonderland was originally intended. My 16-year old son watched it and enjoyed it.

If you saw it, I cannot help but wonder what you thought of it. (Make sure you let me know by leaving me a comment in the box below.)

If you did not see it when it aired on television in December of 2009 but you are curious about it, you can read a slightly longer review at my new page, Alice TV Mini Series (2009) Movie Review.

If you loved Alice and are simply looking to buy your own copy, I suggest you check out Amazon, where the blu-ray and DVD versions are available, already deeply discounted, for pre-order for shipping on March 2nd, 2010, the release date.

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