The Time Traveler's Wife Blu-ray Movie Review

The Time Traveler's Wife Blu-ray Movie Review

The Time Traveler's Wife movie was the ultimate in romantic movies, perfect for Valentine's Day or for anytime when you want to see a chick flick. Definitely a woman's movie, I do not mean to imply that it will not appeal to the men in your life.

I am certain that my husband and my 16-year old son would not have picked this movie for themselves but they picked it for me on Valentine's Day and I appreciated their generosity in doing so. However, when the movie was over my son said, without any prompting from me, that it was a good movie.

Tonight at suppertime we discussed the movie a bit more and my husband added his confirmation that he did enjoy the movie so don't let the fact that this is a love story put you and your male folk off. If your husband is fairly broad minded and enjoys a wide variety of movies, he just might enjoy this one. Not, of course, that it would ever be his first choice.

Find your copy of The Time Traveler's Wife here on Amazon. You will find it on Prime Video, Blu-ray and DVD. 

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Melissa Placzek said...

Hi Brenda,
I thought this was a beautiful movie. I liked your review. Have you read the book? Absolutely on my top ten list of favorite books. Maybe check it out :) I did a review of the book on my blog.

Melissa Placzek


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