Best Blu-ray Movies of 2008: A List

Best Blu-ray Movies of 2008
Wondering what were the best blu-ray movies of 2008? Well, from the point of view of quality of vision, sound and extras, Sound and Vision Magazine ranked the best blu-rays of 2008 as follows:

Batman: The Dark Knight
Iron Man
A Passage To India
The Third Man
Mad Men: Season 1
The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration
James Bond Dr. No
Lost: Season 4, The Expanded Experience

I have not seen them all but I do think Batman: The Dark Knight was an excellent choice. I remember thinking I took more away from watching the movie in my home theatre than I did from watching it at the movie theatre. You can read my family's review by clicking right here.

What about you? What were your top picks of the best blu-ray movies available in 2008?

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Unknown said...

The only one I've seen is Batman: The Dark Knight and yes it did blow me away. Besides the acting the visual effects were spectacular.

PS So happy to be getting your posts in my mailbox ;)