2001 A Space Odyssey Blu-ray Movie

Some people consider 2001: A Space Odyssey to be one of the most important movies in science fiction history, even if it is not a film that appeals to everyone. The special effects have stood up well to the test of time and the movie was given a great transfer to blu-ray. The reviewer on DVDTown.com said, the sound was "so good it tingled his heart." Besides such great quality, the disc also features extensive special effects.

It was one of the blu-ray movies discussed on my very first blu-ray movie list, Top 10 Blu-ray Movies For Best Picture & Sound Quality, and it has proven to be surprisingly popular. Even if you are not usually taken by science fiction films, you can afford to check this blu-ray disc out to see what it is about since Amazon has it deeply discounted by more than 70 percent at just $7.99.

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Unknown said...

I'd not thought of watching 2001 A Space Odyssey...until now! Great review and links to more information.

Joan Adams said...

2001 A Space Odyssey would be a good family weekend movie for sure!