Isolde and Tristan Movie Review

Looking for a good movie? A saga with plenty of action, intrigue and passion? Are you a fan of Gladiator? Of Romeo and Juliet? If so, you might want to check out the movie, Tristan and Isolde.

Tristan and Isolde received mixed advance media coverage but a surprisingly good movie review from movie critic Roger Ebert. He says that the movie is better than the commercials led us to believe and perhaps even better than the studio thought it was.

Tristan and Isolde is definitely, a feast for the eyes. It stars the handsome James Franco and the lovely Sophia Myles along with Rufus Sewell, David O'Hara and Mark Strong.

This movie is adapted from a medieval love story and begins with a very young Tristan watching his parents be killed by the Irish who held Britain after the occupation by the Romans. Tristan is ‘adopted’ by Marke, a ruler of one of the British tribes, and Tristan grows up a mighty warrior.

During a battle, Tristan is injured and believed dead. His friends bury him in a royal funeral in which his body is sent out to sea on a burning boat. However, the fire does not burn the boat and Tristan arrives on Ireland where Isolde, the beautiful daughter of the Irish king, nurses him back to health.

Of course, as the name of this movie implies, Tristan and Isolde do fall in love but their love is thwarted, which is the tragedy of this medieval love story.

Visit Tristan and Isolde movie trailer:

Tristan and Isolde is a 2006 Ridley Scott movie. Scott also produced the movie Gladiator and, like that movie, Tristan and Isolde has plenty of violence. It is rated PG-13 for that violence and for sexuality and is definitely not suitable for children or for you, if you dislike movies with violence. This movie includes plenty of battle scenes and someone loses his hand and someone else, his head.

Despite the violence (at which I cringed), I enjoyed this movie. I was disappointed when it was over and with the way it ended. It was definitely a tragedy.

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Will There Be A My Fair Lady Movie Remake?

If you've heard any inkling of the rumour that there will be a new movie version of My Fair Lady made, you have heard correctly.  The idea of a well-made My Fair Lady remake I find more than a little interesting. 

Rumoured to be in the title roll of Eliza Doolittle was one very popular young actress, Miss Keira Knightley.  However, there is a more recent rumour involving Miss Carey Mulligan.

Lots of rumours, too, about whether or not this film will actually be made in the near or in the distant future.  I also see that the gossips are talking about this movie happening in 2012...

My Fair Lady was based on a book called Pygmalion, which was written by George Bernard Shaw in 1912.  It was a very successful Broadway production in 1956 with Julie Andrews and was actually credited with the discovery of Miss Andrews.  It was also a highly successful 1964 movie, featuring Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn and Wilfrid Hyde-White. This movie version of the story won a total of eight Academy Awards including those for the Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director.

Here's a peek at the 1964 movie:

Are you a fan of My Fair Lady? What do you think of the prospects of this movie remake?

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Crimson Wing North American Release Date

Finally, Disneynature's Crimson Wing is coming to North America in a slightly more affordable format than the previously available imported blu-ray disc. If you have been waiting and watching you can relax now and mark your calendar for October 19, 2010, the date when Crimson Wing comes to us in blu-ray in DVD.

If you cannot wait, of course Crimson Wing is available right now as an import from Amazon by clicking right here where you can order it from Amazon directly or from Amazon's private sellers at a slight discount.

If you prefer to wait in order to save a bit of money, you are able to pre-order Crison Wing by clicking right here and you will be protected by Amazon's price guarantee meaning that if the price goes down between now and the release date, you will receive your purchase at the lowest of the prices.

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Emma Watson's Ballet Shoes Movie Reviewed

Fans of Emma Watson and dance or ballet won't want to miss Ballet Shoes, a 1930s period drama.

Last week I watched Ballet Shoes, a movie set in 1930s London starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. I thought it was interesting that Miss Watson had done a movie that I had not heard of before but I guess all of the young actors from the Harry Potter movies must have been looking to do other work between the HP films.

Anyway, I enjoyed Ballet Shoes. It was a warm, family friendly movie totally suitable for family viewing although no doubt slanted somewhat to girls because of the ballet reference. You definitely do not have to be a ballet fan to enjoy this movie though as it simply shows the struggles of one interesting and unique family to survive and that dreams of all sorts can come true.

I am always on the lookout for 'nice' movies like this one. Do you have any favorite family friendly movies?

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Hallmark's The Odyssey Movie Review & Sourcing

The Odyssey The Epic Mini-Series Event with Armand Assante

Hallmark's The Odyssey Movie is an interesting version of Homer's The Odyssey. Created as a mini-series for television, it does not feature the special effects you might find in a current day blockbuster movie but it is an entertaining movie and a relatively but not perfectly accurate reflection of the epic poem.

My 16-year old son and I watched and enjoyed it. It is rated PG-13 and that seems reasonable, if a little young.  I know I would have been uncomfortable watching the violence and sexual references with him when he was 13.

Naturally, The Odyssey had plenty of action for him (although that is not a prerequisite for his movie choices.) It also had a good storyline which had both of us routing for King Odysseus in the end. If you are familiar with the story, you will know that this movie focuses on Odysseus' ten-year attempt to return home after the end of the Trojan War.

The DVD was discontinued but was reissued recently and is now available on Amazon by clicking right here.

If you do check out The Odyssey or you have already seen it, be sure to let us know what YOU think.

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Why are Ruby Slippers so Popular?

Why are Ruby Slippers so Popular?
Movie lovers familiar with The Wizard of Oz and even those not so familiar will probably recognize the familiar line, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home" which Dorothy cries out as she clicks her heels together three times and wishes to go home. Yesterday on Twitter, I noticed that Dorothy's wishing with the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz is actually so famous that people have their own variations on the theme like:

"I don't want to do laundry today... I don't wanna! I don't wanna! I don't wanna!"

"I'm not sick, I'm not Sick, I'm NOT Sick. *Clicks ruby slippers.* Damn. It didn't work. Maybe they only bring people to Kansas."

"Clicking ruby slippers together saying, "house be clean, house be clean, house be clean."

You might also recognize the Wicked Witch at work when she says,

"Do what you like with the others, but I want her alive and unharmed! They'll give you no trouble, I promise you that. I've sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Take special care of those ruby slippers – I want those most of all! Now fly – fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!"

Or when she says, "When I gain those ruby slippers, my power will be the greatest in Oz!"

If you are a big Wizard of Oz fan and you think you need a pair of ruby slippers, I discovered that you do not have to spend a bundle.  You can buy an ordinary pair of red pumps or you can buy a pair of shoes specifically designed to be reminiscent of Dorothy's red slippers. If you want to spend more, you can even find some designer Jimmy Choo red pumps that would do the job. Check out eBay's Jimmy Choo red pumps by clicking here. However, there are ruby slippers available in all sorts of styles from flats to heels, sparkling or not and in all price ranges.  Amazon carries a large line of  ruby slippers which you can visit by clicking right here.

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The Jimmy Choo pumps here were originally sold by eBay seller lestrada2005. It appears that store has since been closed. 

The Witches of Oz 3D Trailer

The Witches of Oz 3D trailer has arrived for the new version of the Wizard of Oz movie.

I guess if the film studio is going to push this movie ahead quickly, it is time to start making information about it available to the public.  Watch for yourself and let me know what you think.

Right now, I don't know if I can even voice my opinion at so I am simply going to post this video for all to see.  Simply, I am shocked...

Okay, I have recovered my voice, at least a bit.

If you watched the video trailer, you know that The Witches of Oz is not the same story, but rather a modern day tale featuring Dorothy's granddaughter but I do not think that the trailer actually shows enough to give you an idea of what the movie is going to be like.

What they show, in my opinion, is really just enough to make me think I may not like the movie even though the director does his best to make it sound manages to look like a modern day action hero movie.

What do you think? Of the trailer? Of the whole concept?
Is the new Wizard of Oz movie right or wrong?

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Summertime: Travel to Venice With Katharine Hepburn

Summertime: Travel to Venice With Katharine Hepburn

Yes, I did! I went to Venice this weekend. I travelled with both Katharine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi.  They were great travelling companions although Hepburn's character was a bit frustrating at times...

Hepburn played a character named 'Jane.' Jane was a spinster who travelled alone to Venice, Italy and planned on seeing all the sights. Well tour she did, she was a great tourist and she did a great job of introducing us to Venice.

But boy was she LONELY.  I was so frustrated with her!  Until, that is she allowed herself to get to know an Italian gentleman and fall in love.  Well, if the truth be told, I was frustrated with her AGAIN after that but I won't spoil the story by telling you why.

If you want to travel to Venice from the comfort of your armchair, I can recommend Summertime, a classic Katharine Hepburn movie.  It's not exciting, nor is it an action-packed movie. It is quite simply a love story that will help you travel to Italy so pop the corn, pour the cold drinks and settle in for the journey...

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Clint Eastwood Blu-ray Movie Collection For Father's Day

Clint Eastwood Blu-ray Movie Collection For Father's Day (or Any Day)
Is your dad a Clint Eastwood fan? Has he invested in an HDTV and a Blu-ray player? If so, then I have just discovered the perfect gift for him for Father's Day. Check out this Blu-ray boxed set:

The Clint Eastwood Blu-ray movie collection is an affordable way to quickly build your Blu-ray collection.  Amazon has the boxed set nicely discounted and the result is that each Blu-ray disc is quite affordable at just over $10 each. As always on movies worth $25 or more, Amazon will pay the shipping.

This boxed set includes not two or three of Eastwood's movies but rather ten!
  • Absolute Power
  • Dirty Harry
  • Gran Torino
  • Kelly's Heroes
  • Letters from Iwo Jima
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Mystic River
  • The Rookie
  • Unforgiven
  • Where Eagles Dare 
(Note that Eastwood directed some of these films and did not appear in all of them.)

About Eastwood's movies, Elisa S. Bobrow said, "Clint Eastwood's movies are not just normal movies. His movies are consistently amazing. He makes movies that he knows people will like/relate to and enjoy always. From the always classic Dirty Harry to the emotional Letters from Iwo Jima or Mystic River to the Best Picture Western Unforgiven. (I hate Westerns and this is the only western I can watch). His films are always great and always worth seeing." Of course if you already a fan or know someone who is, then you (or they) already know that!

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New Wizard of Oz Movie in 3D

New Wizard of Oz Movie (3D): Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

This may well be the HOTTEST rumor that I have heard in a long time...they say that there is a remake in the works of The Wizard of Oz movie in 3D!

When I discovered that fact, I reckoned that some people were going to really love this development and some people were absolutely going to hate it and, so far, popular opinion on my new page, The New Wizard of Oz Movie in 3D, is already split.

Susan52 spoke out strongly about what she thinks about movie studios remaking classic movies when she said, "Some things should just be off limits. Seems like a remake of such a classic movie, one of the classic-est of classic movies in fact, would be a big waste of money. Besides, the flying monkeys are scary enough in 2D!"

But visitor BuckHawk said, "Ooo, looking forward to it. Love the old one for sure, but enjoy updated versions, too."

I am anticipating two camps...those of us who grew up watching The Wizard of Oz movie every single year without fail and those who did not, with the first group either disliking the idea totally or, like myself, being a little wary of what they might do to one of their favorite movies.

Questions abound about the movie but there is not much official information available yet. There are, however, tons and tons of rumors with at least five possible films being discussed. If rumors are accurate, Warner Brothers has it down to just two possible directions that the movie will take but I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to see how this development unfolds.

Meanwhile, I am curious about what you think of a 3D remake of The Wizard of Oz?

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