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Over the last six months or so I have been watching the Amazon Daily Deals and I've seen some pretty good specials. One noteworthy deal that I have seen from time to time is the buy an HDTV television and receive a blu-ray disc player deal. Assuming the electronic choices meet your requirements and have good reviews, that seems like a pretty amazing deal to me.

However, what might be of more interest to people on a day-to-day basis are the daily movie deals. Like today's special on the Harry Potter Years 1 to 6 blu-ray set at just $39.99 with FREE shipping. That savings represents a discount of 60 percent off and probably won't be beat anywhere else again anytime soon. (The corresponding DVD set is also on sale for 60 percent off or just $23.99, which works out to about $4 per movie.)

Some of the specials I have seen will make wonderful Christmas gift ideas and, because they are so deeply discounted, they're budget friendly, too.

If you are not reading this post today, November 23rd, odds are you've missed the Harry Potter movie special. However, the point of my post was really to let you know that Amazon has some pretty amazing deals on their blu-ray and DVD movies every single day. Visit today's specials by clicking right here.

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Unknown said...

I subscribe to the daily deals on Amazon, many of which are absolutely amazing sales. Between now and Christmas there should be bunches of great buys, probably something for everyone. The Harry Potter movies deal sounds fabulous!


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