24 T.V. Show The Complete Series DVD Set

My husband loved the television series 24 although I am not sure if he was able to keep up with it until the very end. What a surprise then to see the 24 t.v. show complete series DVD on sale for 60 percent off today on Amazon. That makes the cost of many, many, many hours of television viewing less than $140, a pretty good deal, needless to say.

This DVD set starring Keifer Sutherland includes the entire television series, Series 1 through 8, 24 Redemption and a bonus disc with many special features. In total, this set contains a whopping 56 discs.

Amazon customer Karl said, "Nothing short of great TV. Loved watching it and always looked forward to the next show. Edge of your seat, white knuckle action!"

The complete 24 boxed set would make a great gift idea for anyone who missed the series, anyone who saw part of the series or even for anyone who loved it and would like to re-watch the entire series.

The catch? This is a one-day only special -- December 14, 2010 although I'd wager a guess that it will still be on sale tomorrow just not at quite such a deep discount. Anyway, if you have a man on your list who enjoyed bits and pieces or even all of 24, this would make a top-rated Christmas gift idea.

And, oh yes, 24 The Complete Series, is NOT available on blu-ray. Pity knuckle action!"that, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

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