Christmas With Tucker, The Sequel To A Dog Named Christmas

Christmas with Tucker is a brand-new book by Greg Kincaid. It is the prequel to the story A Dog Named Christmas and promises to be just as good. The story is that of a 12-year old boy being given a dog after his father has died and his mother has abandoned him at his Grandparents.  Not welcome at first, the dog soon becomes a best friend to the boy and helps him navigate the growing up years.

"This simple but strong story celebrates the beauty of everyday things, the power of love and humility, the singular grace that is a good dog, and the mysterious ability of that grace to transform the human heart. A perfect Christmas read." – Dean Koontz

Amazon customer reviews are equally enthusiastic with comments like this one from Rebekah Sue Harris, "For Christmas with Tucker to be truly heartwarming, everything had to fall into place, and it did. Author Greg Kincaid did a wonderful job keeping the flow going without writing a story that was trite or clich├ęd. This is a wonderful book for a day when you're wrapped in a quilt, sipping hot cocoa, and wanting to be warm and cozy. This lovely Christmas story is recommended for teenagers and adults alike."

The combination of this new book by Gregory Kincaid with the old book and/or a copy of the Hallmark movie, A Dog Named Christmas would make a lovely gift idea.  Christmas With Tucker is available as a hardcover book, as a CD audiobook and for your Kindle.

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