HOP 2011 A New Easter Bunny Movie

HOP promises a new adventure for the Easter Bunny this year.  I stumbled across him by accident and was totally impressed by the artwork.  The movie, looks to be a comedy although the poor little bunny gets struck by a car...

The storyline is that of a little bunny who doesn't really want to assume his duties of Easter Bunny, even though we all know that the job duties aren't too difficult...work one day a year, travel the world, plenty of candy...what else could a bunny want?

Anyway, after he is struck by the car, the human driver takes him in and must help salvage Easter. In the process both bunny and man grow up a bit.

And as a bonus, this movie will help you learn where jelly beans come from...although you really might NOT want to know.  You can read more, determine where jelly beans DO come from and share your new knowledge with the world on the poll on my page dedicated to HOP.


See you at the movies,

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Hop 2011 A Funny New Easter Bunny Movie

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