The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold, A Rankin and Rass Production

Yesterday I watched and was VERY impressed by the 1981 Bankin and Rass production of The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold.

The storyline follows a young boy sent from a passing ship to find a Christmas tree. The young lad named Dinty Doyl finds himself on an unknown Irish island and manages to set free a banshee from her prison.  Fortunately, Leprechaun Blarney Kilakilarney realizes that the Banshee will soon be after his gold and, aided by Lord Patrick king of the wee folk, both he and Dinty try to fool the Banshee.

Voiced by Art Carney and Peggy Cass and featuring one of my favorite Irish songs, Christmas in Killarney, this television show was really lovely. Technically more of a Christmas story but perfectly suitable for St. Patrick's Day viewing, too.

Amazon customer reviews are enthusiastic although a bit focused on achieving the release of this movie on DVD so I was amazed to discover that you CAN buy The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold as part of a boxed set on DVD. For the price of not much more than a single disc, you get nine timeless Classic Christmas Favorites including The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold.

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