Hallmark's The Lost Child Movie Review

Hallmark's The Lost Child Movie Review

The Hallmark Hall of Fame 2000 movie The Lost Child is based on a book called Looking For Lost Bird by Yvette Melanson. Both share the story of a young girl named Rebecca who grew up happily in an adoptive family. After her parents pass away, she searches for her natural family and when a Navajo woman, searching for her siblings stolen at birth, contacts her, she finds them.
Most of the story deals with Rebecca and her family moving to the reservation and attempting to learn the language and culture of their Navajo ancestors. Three of them are warmly welcomed; her husband, however, is seen as an outsider and not so easily accepted. The family struggles to work through the issues that arise between the two cultures, recommitting to each other and to this new heritage that they are discovering.

The star of this movie is an actor who was familiar to me and it turns out that she is Academy Award winner Mercedes Rueh. Rueh won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Fisher King, which I have not seen. It turns out that I know her from the Thanksgiving movie What’s Cooking.

If you are looking for a family movie and you love a heartwarming Hallmark Hall of Fame story, you will enjoy The Lost Child. This movie might also be of special interest to those who have been adopted, are searching for their birth families and/or who have a connection with the Navajo. It is a movie is filled with sorrow, love and truth. Find your copy of  The Lost Child on Amazon by clicking right here.

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Hallmark's The Lost Child Movie Review

Hallmark Hall of Fame The Lost Child Movie Review

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