Meet My Mom in Soldier Love Story

If you are looking for a movie gift idea for Mom for Mother's Day and you happen to have a mother who loves Hallmark movies or who has a connection to the armed forces, you might want to consider Soldier Love Story, which was formerly known as Meet My Mom.

I have yet to see this movie but Hallmark fans are totally enthusiastic about it as it involves a woman, her son and a member of the armed forces who was posted to Afghanistan and who could be sent back at anytime...needless to say, they are reluctant to enter a new relationship.

Ninety percent of the Amazon customer reviewers gave Soldier Love Story five stars, which is pretty impressive.  I find customer reviews a great way to determine the quality of a movie and I am definitely thinking this one measures up and makes a very appropriate and interesting choice as an affordable and entertaining Mother's Day gift. You can check the reviews out for yourself by clicking right here or you can simply order your mom (or yourself) a copy from Amazon by clicking right here where you will find it marked down by 25 percent.

Alternately, visit my page of Hallmark gift ideas for Mom. They're not all movies but they're all great gift ideas, says this mom.

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Unknown said...

This Hallmark movie sounds spectacular! Probably need to watch it with my tissues - I tend to cry while watching any Hallmark movie, I'm goofy that way :)

Treasures By Brenda said...

Thanks for your comment Correen but I don't think you are alone in your need for a box of tissues when you watch a Hallmark movie!