Meet My Mom in Soldier Love Story

Meet My Mom in Soldier Love Story

If you are looking for a movie gift idea for Mom for Mother's Day and you happen to have a mother who loves Hallmark movies or who has a connection to the armed forces, you might want to consider Soldier Love Story, which was formerly known as Meet My Mom.

I have yet to see this movie but Hallmark fans are totally enthusiastic about it as it involves a woman, her son and a member of the armed forces who was posted to Afghanistan and who could be sent back at anytime...needless to say, they are reluctant to enter a new relationship.

Ninety percent of the Amazon customer reviewers gave Soldier Love Story five stars, which is pretty impressive.  I find customer reviews a great way to determine the quality of a movie and I am definitely thinking this one measures up and makes a very appropriate and interesting choice as an affordable and entertaining Mother's Day gift. Order your mom or yourself a copy of this movie from Amazon by clicking right here.

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Unknown said...

This Hallmark movie sounds spectacular! Probably need to watch it with my tissues - I tend to cry while watching any Hallmark movie, I'm goofy that way :)

Treasures By Brenda said...

Thanks for your comment Correen but I don't think you are alone in your need for a box of tissues when you watch a Hallmark movie!


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