Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book Based On The Film Phenomenon

Harry Potter fans will love this amazing Harry Potter pop-up book. Actually titled Harry Potter: A Pop Up Book Based On The Film Phenomenon, it is based on the Harry Potter movies rather than the books.

This book was created from the artwork of Andrew Williamson, a man who worked on the artwork for all of the Harry Potter movies.

The man in charge of actually designing the pop-ups was Bruce Foster, who has at least 40 pop-up books to his credit.

For fans of the entire Harry Potter franchise, this book will be a trip down memory lane (or at least down Diagon Alley.) You will also get to visit Hogwarts Castle and a Triwizard Tournament.

I love the fact that, through the magic of YouTube, you can take a look into the pages of Harry Potter: A Pop Up Book Based On The Film right here on this page.

So what do you think? Isn't this an exciting book?

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