Tron: Legacy (2010) Blu-ray Movie Review

The first Tron movie that I saw was the second one, Tron: Legacy (2010).  We saw it in 3D at the movie theatre and I really enjoyed it. It used 3D perhaps as it ought to be used, with emphasis on the 3D element when the players are inside the video game.

I just watched an interesting review by Jeremy Jahns, a YouTube movie reviewer whose reviews I enjoy.  He liked it for precisely the reasons I liked it. It is NOT a deep movie but it is fun and it is not totally without a storyline.

The blu-ray disc? Well, as might be expected called the video and audio content extraordinary but it lost a few points for the movie itself. (We know this movie does not have the strongest storyline going.)

Learn more about Tron: Legacy by reading my page Disney's Tron: Legacy where you will find more information about this movie and be able to watch and enjoy Mr. Jahns' video review.

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