Harry Potter Recipes For Your Final Harry Potter Movie Celebration

Harry Potter Recipes For Your Final Harry Potter Movie Celebration

If you are planning a party to coincide with the release of the final Harry Potter movie, I have a few resources for you in terms of finding some great Harry Potter recipes.

If it is Harry Potter's butterbeer you are after, you should check out What Is The Best Recipe For Harry Potter Butterbeer and, if you are like me, you would LOVE to buy some of these butterbeer steins on eBay.

If it is Pumpkin Juice you are after, you should visit What Is Pumpkin Juice where you will find more information about this Harry Potter drink and some recipe links. 

If it is some candy confections you would like, you will find some excellent sweet treats available from chocolate frogs to Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

The final and perhaps best resource for recipes for your Harry Potter party would be a cookbook like this The Unofficial Harry Potter College Cookbook by Aurelia Beaupommier with a magical collection of spellbinding recipes. It is a lovely hardcover book packed with recipes for many of the treats you have learned about over the years in the books. Naturally, it features chapters on everything from Delights Down Diagon Alley to Treats From The Train to Recipes From a Giant and an Elf. I am certain you will find all the recipes you need to create a feast Harry Potter style for your Dining Hall.

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