Zombieland T.V. Show

Interesting news in yesterday's newspaper and that was that the movie Zombieland is going to be made into a television series. My almost adult son was thrilled that this would mean TWO zombie t.v. series.

Apparently, Zombieland was originally meant to be a t.v. show but somewhere along the line it became a movie and when it became a movie, some of the interesting ideas were discarded like the Zombie Kill of the Week. There really was supposed to be a Zombie Kill of the Week each and every week.

The new series, which has not actually been confirmed, would feature a half-hour episode each week and would be released in the 2012-2013 television season.

Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, two of the original stars will not be a part of the television series.

Does a new zombie television series interest you?

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