Harry Potter Wizards Definitive Blu-ray Movie Collection (2012)

Harry Potter Wizards Definitive Blu-ray Movie Collection (2012)It's coming, it's coming! The Harry Potter Definitive Blu-ray Movie Collection is coming.

Although Warner Brothers has not told us WHEN it will be released, they have released enough information to make it available for pre-order, which means that you can buy your complete Harry Potter movie boxed set right now on Amazon. You'll have to wait, of course, until Warner Brothers actually releases it to take delivery but you won't be charged when you order and you will be protected by Amazon's product price protection. You'll also receive FREE shipping on this amazing movie set.

Harry Potter 8-Film Movie CollectionBe aware that it is possible to own all of the Harry Potter movies on a lesser set set that is available right now. It retails for less than $80 right now and includes all of the movies but will not include all of the extras nor special features of the definitive edition.

Which set you choose will, of course, be totally up to you and your budget. The definitive edition or the ordinary boxed set? You cannot go wrong in either case if you are building your blu-ray movie collection and you love Harry Potter.

Learn more about the definitive Harry Potter movie set by on Amazon by clicking right here.

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