When is The Hunger Games Movie Being Released?

Stumbled across a magnificent counter for The Hunger Games...and shared it with you for it was not much longer before The Hunger Games movie was to be released. HOWEVER, the counter quickly became annoying so I have removed it and apologize for leading you hear expecting to find a Hunger Games countdown calendar on fire.

Personally, I am just finishing up the third book (I know, I'm a bit behind) and I spent some time today uncovering some great mockingjay jewellery including, of course, some mockingjay pins. I really would like to own one to proclaim to the world how much I have enjoyed the books.

Are you looking forward with anticipation to The Hunger Games movie? Have you read the books?

See you
at the movies!

Quick Links:

Learn more about The Hunger Games.
Learn more about the mockingjay and buy your mockingjay pin.

1 comment:

Joan Adams said...

Oh wow! I love the counter. The mockingjay pin looks so pretty! I don't think I will ever forget those books in The Hunger Games and I know when I see the movie, it will be part of me forever!

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