Anne of Green Gables Gift Ideas

Anne of Green Gables Gift Ideas

Anne with an E Amybeth McNulty Art PrintI have been watching and thoroughly enjoying season two of the CBC mini-series, Anne with an E. It is remarkably cast and really, really good but I digress. My enjoyment of that series and my enduring love for Anne of Green Gables, sent me looking on Etsy for some great gift ideas. If you are a fan, prepare to enjoy my little gift shop, which highlights a few of the very best Anne items on Etsy.

Anne of Green Gables WrapThe image shown to the left is a picture of Amybeth McNulty, the actress currently portraying Anne in Anne with an E. It is a digital drawing printed on high quality paper that is suitable for framing. Alternatively, the artist, evehartmanart, has a postcard with the same image on it, either of which would be a great surprise for a fan of the series.  You can find either item on Etsy by clicking right here.

The literature-themed shawl or wrap shown to the right is totally unlike anything I have ever seen. If you love Anne, you are likely to appreciate this item, which shares an image of a book cover and a page from Chapter One in the book. It is available in two colors but I chose this one because I think it is likely to be the most neutral and go with more items in your wardrobe. You can find it on Etsy by clicking right here.

Next up and shown below is a small and affordable wee gift or even stocking stuffer for an Anne fan. It is an enameled pin with Anne Shirley's image. I think that it is too cute representing the image of Anne Shirley that so many of us carry around in our heads. You can find it here on Etsy.

Anne of Green Gables Enameled Pin

Another piece suitable for framing and hanging is the Anne of Green Gables original water color painting shown below. I love how it highlights many things from Anne Shirley's world and Prince Edward Island. It would do double duty as both a gift for someone who loves Anne and a souvenir of a summer vacation spent on the island. You can find it on Etsy by clicking right here.
Anne of Green Gables Prince Edward Island Watercolour Painting

Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery Quote Coffee Mug

A mug is always a great gift idea especially because it can be chosen with your recipient in mind. What Anne fan would not like this one, with the quote from L.M. Montgomery that reads, "Dear old world, you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you." I love the orange or carrot coloring and I would definitely use this mug every day.  Note that the mug design is also available on a t-shirt and you can find both of them on Etsy by clicking right here.

Anne of Green Gables T-Shirt
I do think that another practical and fun gift idea is a t-shirt and I did find a few lovely ones including the one with the text from the mug shown above on it (t-shirt not shown) and the t-shirt that is shown here to the right that features a romantic image of Anne Shirley and the house called Green Gables that she went grew to call home in in Prince Edward Island. It is a high-quality reproduction from an original illustration that was hand painted and hand lettered by the Etsy seller By Ky Studios. Find it on Etsy by clicking right here.

I love antique L.M. Montgomery Anne of Green Gables books and, if you can afford one, I believe every fan should have one. A one hundred year old book just feels so much closer to Montgomery. You will have to work to find one. They come and they go on Etsy but there are lots of other book options. You can wait for a really old one or you can choose instead one that is the actual version you read as a girl or you can simply pick one that takes your fancy. There are so many beautiful versions, the choice is up to you.  To see all of the L.M. Montgomery books available right now on Etsy click here.  Be warned that genuine antique books are expensive.

Anne of Green Gables Book Safe
Another book-themed gift idea is a book safe. I love how Etsy seller Folio has carefully handcrafted this book out of a fairly recent version of our beloved story.  You or your Anne fan will be able to tuck treasures safely away within the 'pages' of this book.  Find it here on Etsy. If you are shopping for more than one reader, you will also enjoy the wide variety of book safes with different titles that include additional classics and even current day books like the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

I have two more items that I would like to share with you. One is a personalized item for a child in your life. Etsy seller Heather Feather Fashions will sew for you an Anne Shirley dress or costume in sizes 3 through 14 that consists of a dress and a pinafore.  I think that this would be an especially nice gift idea for a young girl who has an avid imagination and is enamored with our literary hero. Perhaps one who would love to visit P.E.I.  For more details, you can reach out to Heather on Etsy by clicking right here.

Anne of Green Gables Dress

Anne of Green Gables Tote Bag
Finally, I love this Anne of Green Gables tote bag. Rather than give it alone, I would consider using it to craft a themed gift set. Place a few Anne items in the bag like a book, a movie and a t-shirt and use the tote bag as your wrapping paper. Alternatively, use it to carry your books to and from the library! You will find the tote bag here.

How about it? Do you love Anne Shirley? Will you be creating an Anne of Green Gables gift set or will you be buying something for yourself? I love all the ideas on this page. How about you?

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Anne of Green Gables Gift Ideas

Nifty Fantastic Beasts Niffler Coffee Mugs

Fantastic Beasts Niffler Mugs
It has been awhile since I have done a post about Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts and that is not because I have not seen some fun movie-themed merchandise. However, today's spotting of the Fantastic Beasts Niffler on a couple of coffee mugs literally called out for a post so here it is.

We first met the Niffler in J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book and then we truly met him and really got to know him in the movie of the same name in 2016. I have yet to see the second movie, 2018's Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, so I do not know if the Niffler returns but surely he must.

Fantastic Beasts Niffler Coffee MugNevertheless, you can catch the elusive Niffler perched on a suitcase and grasping a clutch purse on this mug on Etsy from seller Shit Cake by clicking right here.

As cute as it is, it is not the only niffler mug that I saw though. I also found this nifty color-changing mug by Half Moon Bay and I think that it is is very clever how the addition of heat changes the black background with a small niffler and the words, "Have you seen the niffler?" to sketches like those seen in Newt Scamander's sketchbook. (Do be aware that color-changing mugs are not dishwasher nor microwave safe.) You can find this heat changing mug on Amazon by clicking right here.

Either one would be a great pick for your fan of  all things from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World.

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