Nothing Like a Dame / Tea with the Dames Review

Nothing Like a Dame Documentary Review

It was with great interest that I sat down to watch the feature length 2018 British film Nothing Like a Dame or Tea with the Dames as it is called in the United States. Not a movie but rather a simply presented, often times funny, documentary-style visit with four legendary stage and film actresses: Dames Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Eileen Atkins and Joan Plowright.

Interwoven with scenes from their careers current and past, it finds the four talking casually and sometimes candidly about their lives. We had an interesting visit and I gained insight into the lives they have lived, the work they have done and even into aging, something that is coming to get all of us. Because of this film, more details about the experiences of these four very talented individuals has been recorded for posterity.

The Guardian gives the film five stars and leads with the title, "Judi Dench and Maggie Smith trade brutal banter." Yes, there were serious parts about the relationship of these two women who must, at times I expect, have been rivals. However, I think that there was more humor than bad banter. I loved some of the stories that Dame Dench related. They ranged from being stung in the bum by a bee to being offered the role of Cleopatra when she was 53. I won't elaborate to avoid spoiling her stories for you. Finally, of course, there was discussion of lost loves and lives.

Variety sums it up nicely when they say, "the conversation romps jovially across subjects ranging from stage fright to late-blooming screen stardom, and from early-career body-image concerns to the wearily accumulating indignities of old age, their combined good humor and catty irony rarely flags." Take a peek into at the film for yourself in this official movie trailer:

The Telegraph says, "…(the Dames) are funny and witty and sharp. They are in their eighties, very lively women, and this film is a celebration of friendship."  I agree and Nothing Like a Dame is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me. If you are a fan of these amazing ladies, you should check out Nothing Like a Dame. You can find your copy on Amazon by clicking right here.

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