John Wayne Movies on Blu-ray

Okay, Susan52, I reckon it is all your fault. At your recommendation, we watched John Wayne's True Grit and we loved it. Now you have me wondering what else with John Wayne that we could watch along the same vein and how it would measure up.

Of course, I looked first for a John Wayne blu-ray boxed set and found none. I did find a number of interesting John Wayne boxed sets on DVD including the one shown here, the John Wayne Western Collection.

I did, however, find five blu-ray movies featuring John Wayne including Rio Bravo, The Cowboys, The Green Berets, The Longest Day and The Searchers all of which are available from Amazon at discounted prices by clicking right here and Rio Bravo is listed at an amazing $7.99.

See you
at the movies.


Unknown said...

Brenda, I am happy to take the blame and very glad that you liked True Grit. I read this to my husband and he recommended that, in the same vein, you try McLintock and The Shootist. Now I'm in John Wayne mood again!

Joan Adams said...

Oh we loved True Grit and we used to see all of John Wayne's movies! What a true American hero he is!


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