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Do you remember the children's television series Welcome To Pooh Corner? We do and now that we've been reminded, we have that familiar song stuck in our heads again.

"Welcome to You, and how do you do?
Everybody's waiting here at Pooh Corner.
Waiting for you, and Winnie the Pooh,
To have a happy hoopty pooh time."

Welcome To Pooh Corner Volume 3

Welcome To Pooh Corner is a Winnie The Pooh television series that aired on The Disney Channel for three years, starting in 1983. That means my children (born in the 1990s) must have watched them in reruns or on videotape but watch they did.

They loved the kindly old gentlemen who opened and narrated each story and the animatronic puppet characters which managed to be expressive despite what now seem like awkward costumes.

Welcome To Pooh Corner, despite its popularity, has never been released on DVD.  As an eBay seller of rare VHS videotapes, I am aware that people love this series and I am aware that it commands fairly significant prices, especially for VHS tapes.  My experience though also shows that the tapes are indeed somewhat hard-to-find for I have never seen a set myself.

Welcome To Pooh Corner Volume 4 5 6

Fortunately, if you are after these rare videotapes, you can still buy them through online sellers either at Amazon by clicking here or on eBay by clicking here.  Frankly, because these shows are so old, I had better luck finding them on eBay.

Do you remember Welcome To Pooh Corner? Were you or was someone you know fans of this Winnie The Pooh television series? Do you happen to OWN these rare videotapes?

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